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WARNO and SD2 League have started!

Who Will win the First ever WARNO League and will Gonzo get the 6th Titel or can he be stopped this time?

You can Follow the WARNO Brackets here:

All SD2 League Brackets:

Division 1: https://sdasiapacific.challonge.com/SD2LS9D1

Division 2: https://sdasiapacific.challonge.com/SD2LS9D2

Division 3: https://sdasiapacific.challonge.com/SD2LS9D3

Division 4: https://sdasiapacific.challonge.com/SD2LS9D4

WARNO League Bracket:

Division 1: https://sdasiapacific.challonge.com/WarnoLeagueS0D1

Division 2: https://sdasiapacific.challonge.com/WarnoLeagueS0D2

Crowdfunding for tournament price pool:

WARNO League: https://matcherino.com/tournaments/82235

SD2 League: https://matcherino.com/tournaments/83137

You can add money for free to both Prize Pools via pressing the "Claim Code" button