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SD2 League Season 8


The tournament is split into 5 Divisions with 2-3 groups, all divisions work independently from each other.

Division 1 is the highest skill, while Division 5 is the lowest skill.

Groups will be ‘Seeded’ by:

1. Results in previous seasons of the SD League

2. Existing ELO data gathered from all other tournaments conducted by the Steel Division League Team

3. Fresh recruits will be asked for self-evaluation in the sign-up form to position them in the right squad.

4. Credibility

The top 6 Players of the Group stage in each division get into the Playoffs. Only 2 Players can advance from each Group.

The player who finishes in the last position in each Group will be relegated to the Division below for the next season.

Group Phase

Group Phase is played in a Round Robin format with a best of 2 Matches

2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss

The Top 6 players in each Division advance to the playoffs, with the 2 best players of each Division getting a bye and being seeded into the Semifinals.

After the first week of competition at least one matchup has to be played, unless the player contacts the organizer to give a valid reason for not playing. The same applies to further weeks and rounds.

The group stage ends after 4 weeks of competition.

Unplayed matches will be auto-resolved towards the player who put more effort into playing the game, if neither put any effort, the game will be a 0-0 tie providing no points.

Dropping out of League or not finishing matches without a valid reason will result in a BAN for the next Season of League and a significant loss in Credibility for all SDL tournaments in Steel Division and Warno.


Play Offs work in the same way as the group stage. The only difference is that all games are Bo3, and the final is Bo5.

The playoffs end after 3 weeks of competition.

Match Setup

One player must flip a coin ($flip) Winner of the Flip gets to decide if they want to be Player 1 or Player 2 for the following procedure, in game 2 players swap roles without flipping. In game 3 the flip decides again.

Map pool: All the 1v1 maps are in the map pool.

Fischy system for map picks.

Pick Order:

Player 1 gets 5 different maps from SodBot using the $rmap command.

Player 1 bans 1 map.

Player 2 bans 1 map.

Player 1 bans 1 map.

Player 2 bans 1 map.

The remaining map will be played.

Player 2 bans 2 Divisions (of either faction)

Player 1 bans 3 Divisions (of either Faction)

Player 2 bans 3 Divisions (of either Faction)

Player 1 bans 2 Divisions (of either Faction)

Bans Count for BOTH players, Division are NOT allowed to be picked double!

Player 1 Picks a Faction (Axis or Allies)

Player 2 Picks a Faction (mirrors allowed)

Player 1 Picks Division

Player 2 Picks Division

Player 2 Picks Income

Player 1 Picks Income

Game Mode:

Player 1 hosts a lobby with the following settings:

Capture the Flags

Meeting Engagement

750 Starting resources

x1.0 income

X1 Duration

The disconnect of one player:

If it happens in setup it's a rehost on the same map same divisions

If it happens after the deployment it's up to the Player who stayed in the game to decide if he gives the other player a rematch

If both players DC at the same time it's a rehost with the same map and Divisions.

If anything is unclear, get in contact with one of the Organizers.

Tie Breaker:

1. Points

2. Direct Game Results

3. W-L-T Ratio

4. Buchholz Median

5. Bo1 Game, set up with the rules above (2-way or 3-way Tie after above Tie Breaker)

6. If still Tied in a 3-way Tie, Players will play a Bo3 Air Battle with a combination of Fighter Planes of a combined worth of max. 250p, First Blood wins.

Time Limit

Every game of League will be played with a 50-minute Time Limit. In this case, if any game doesn’t end before the 50th minute, the player with the most credits at the moment the time ends wins.

If the players cannot agree on who has more credits, the organizers will intervene and tell based on the replay. If the time runs out, and both players have an equal amount of credits, the player with more flags controlled at that moment wins.