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Friday Night WARNO June

Start Time:

16th of June 7:30 pm CEST

Sign up closes on 15nd of June 10 pm CEST

Maximum Team Sign ups: 8

Further sign ups will go on the reserve list


2v2 Single Elimination Tournament with Teams signing up with Divisions they want to play for the whole tournament, you have to choose 2 different divisions.Blue vs Blue and Red v Red is possible due to this. The Team who scored more points then the enemy is considered the winner, if both teams have exactly the same score, the team who last added to their score wins. There are no draws.

Match Set up:

Lobby Set up:

  • Name Lobby after both Teams for casters to find
  • Map: predetermined each round, see below
  • Starting Resources: 1500
  • Income: 1x
  • Time limit: 40 minutes
  • Score Limits 2000p

Games have to be started within 10 minutes of Round begin, if one team member doesnt show up the other player either has to have a replacement at hand immediately or play with a Medium AI on their side.

Disconnect of one player:

  1. If it happens in setup it's a rehost on same map with the same divisions
  2. If it happens  after the active phase of the game has started, the other player has to play on with an AI Allies
  3. If all players DC at the same time it's a rehost with the same map and Divisions.           Result Reporting

Replays Have to be uploaded by the Winner into the #FNW-Replay channel on the SDL DiscordYou can find your replays in game under Load -> Replays, then you have to untick the box for cloud saving. Afterwards they appear here:C:\Users\Saved Games\EugenSystems\WARNOPlease name them as followed: RoundTeam1vsTeam2 before uploading


Quarter Finals: 7:30 pm CEST Map: Loop 2v2

Semi Finals: 8:30 pm CEST Map: Mount River 3v3

Finals 9:30 pm CEST Map: Cyrus 3v3