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Warno 1v1 Rookie Tourney

WARNO 1v1 Rookie Tournament by SDL


Group stages -> Playoff

Start date: Sunday, April 9th, 2023

The last day to sign up for this tournament will be Friday, April 7th, 2023

Max Sign ups:32, Further sign ups will be put on the reserve list

Players will be split into four groups composed of four players each based on region/time zone.  Additionally, there are four coaches who have volunteered to be a part of this event to help new players.  Every player will have a coach, but no coach will oversee more than one player from a group.  

The tournament will probably last 4-6 weeks, so please plan accordingly.  Each week, there is a match in which two games must be played (Best of 2).  After playing the games, the player and assigned coach will do a replay review to assess faults in gameplay and work to address them for future games. Backseating will not be allowed. Each coach will offer assistance along the way and we will try to find suitable coaching methods based on an agreement with the participants.

Playoffs: At the conclusion of the group stage matches, the top player from each group advances to the semi-final Best of 3 playoff.  Winners will duke it out in the finals (also Best of 3) for the ultimate glory of victory.


  • Less than 250 overall multiplayer games (preferred but not required)
  • Less than 60% win rate in RANKED 1v1 (preferred but not required)
  • Less than 50 games played in RANKED 1v1 (required)
  • Have not won a Warno tournament game before (preferred but not required)

Please keep in mind that all tournament sign ups will be evaluated and judgment will be applied to ensure there is a fair, competitive environment for new players to thrive. If you feel you are uncertain regarding whether you fit the criteria, please sign up anyways and we will evaluate on a case by case basis. 

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