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SD2 Monthly November


Swiss tournament. Open for players of all skill levels. Matches are played weekly on a strict schedule to ensure the tournament can be completed in one month's time. There are 4 rounds and each match is a Bo2 (a total of 8 games). You are awarded 2pts for a match win, 1pt for a tie and 0pts for a loss.


Conquest with the default income and other standard settings. In game 1 the player in the upper part of the Challonge bracket plays as Player 1. in game 2 the roles are reversed. If there's a third game, the winner of the $flip will decide player position.

Timelimit (50 minutes)

This tournament will be using a 50min timelimit. The way it works is that the player who has bled the most by the 50min mark will be considered the loser and obliged to surrender. In the event of a player refusing to surrender, or if it's very close and difficult to tell who won at a quick glance, the tournament organizer will manually review the replay and grant the rightful winner the game win. In the unlikely event that it's impossible for the naked eye to tell who won, the player with the most flags controlled at the end will be granted the win.

Map - Ban and Pick

- Generate 5x 1v1 maps via the SodBot $rmap get5 command-

Player 1 bans 1 map-

Player 2 bans 1 map-

Player 1 bans 1 map- P

layer 2 bans 1 map

The remaining map will be played.

Division - Ban and Pick

Players are only allowed to pick Mechanized Divisions. You can see the full list here: 

SD2 Mechanized Divisions List (google.com)-

Player 1 picks faction (Axis or Allies)

- Player 2 plays as the other faction

- Player 2 bans 2 divisions

- Player 1 bans 2 divisions

- Player 1 picks division

- Player 2 picks division and income

- Player 1 picks income


If a player disconnects less than one minute into the game, the game will be restarted (unless it was intentional). If more than one minute has passed it's up to the other player to decide whether he's up for a restart or wants to take the win. However, as the disconnected player it's also possible to request a restart from the organizer if the following criteria are met: 1.) No more than 5 minutes have passed, 2.) The disconnected player can't have 200 more losses than the other player and 3.) The disconnected player can't be at a 10-14 or worse when it comes to flag control.Note that even if the criteria are met, that's not a guarantee that you will get a restart. It only means that the organizer will agree to review the game and judge whether a restart is warranted or not.